What is a HipSTUD™?

Introducing Hip Surgical Training and Utility Devices

A Realistic, High-Quality Surgical Training Tool

With a number of models and add-ons, we can create SurgiSTUD™ Hip models that mimic the most important anatomic and physiologic aspects of the operative environment.

SurgiSTUD™ models provide significant cost savings over existing cadaveric models. Students can now train on several of their own models rather than sharing a single cadaver with other students, and for less overall cost.

From normal anatomy to severe deformities, choose from a variety of anatomies and pathologies, with more constantly being added to our catalogue. Or send us a CT scan and we’ll make you a patient-specific model.

We can modify the bone quality, anatomic pathology, surgical approach, and numerous other features to custom-build you a training model that matches your educational goals.

Technological Highlights

Realistic Body Cast

Options to cast each model in radiolucent soft foam tissue to house internal anatomies and provide haptic surgical depths for a variety of different surgical techniques.

Muscles and Tendons

HipSTUD™ features custom synthetic muscles and tendons that provide a realistic platform for dissection, retraction, cutting, and repairing soft tissue components during arthroplasty procedures.

Customizable to Your Training Needs

HipSTUD™ have been optimized for demonstration with a variety of surgical approaches including mini posterior, posterior, anterior, and lateral.

Synthetic Bone Architecture

The synthetic bone of a STUD is made with a corticocancellous architecture that mimics human bone. This architecture provides excellent radiographic anatomy and permits the use of injectable bone cements.

Biomechanical Performance of Synthetic Bone

The synthetic bone of a STUD provides high-fidelity biomechanical performance for bone resection and hardware fixation. Specify the bone mineral density, and we will provide a model with analogous bony biomechanical performance. See our publications section for more information.

Revolutionizing Surgical Education

HipSTUD™ training models are patented biofidelic training platforms of real human pathology. By providing a superior training platform at significant cost-savings over cadavers, we improve surgical training quality and access on a global scale.

Shop HipSTUD™ Models in our Catalog

Explore our ever growing Orthopedic STUD lines, and choose a model to best suits your training needs. Don’t see a model you like? No worries, contact us to discuss a custom model based off a patient CT scan!

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