What Is a KneeSTUD™?

Introducing KneeSTUD™ surgical training and utility devices

A Realistic, High-Quality Surgical Training Tool

With a large number of models and add-ons, we can create SurgiSTUD™ knee models that mimic the most important anatomic and physiologic aspects of the operative environment.

SurgiSTUD™ models provide significant cost savings over existing cadaveric models. Students can now train on several of their own models rather than sharing a single cadaver with other students, and for less overall cost.

From normal anatomy to severe deformities, choose from a variety of anatomies and pathologies, with more constantly being added to our catalogue. Or send us a CT scan and we’ll make you a patient-specific model.

We can modify the bone quality, anatomic pathology, surgical approach, and numerous other features to custom-build you a training model that matches your educational goals.

Revolutionizing Surgical Education

KneeSTUD™ training models are patented biofidelic training platforms of real human pathology. By providing a superior training platform at significant cost-savings over cadavers, we improve surgical training quality and access on a global scale.

Technological Highlights

Full Range of Motion

The accurate knee ligamenture, bony anatomies, and anatomic hip joint on a hemipelvis allow full flexion and range of motion to position knee and establish the center of the rotation of the hip.

Realistic Response to Surgical Procedures

A STUD with Varus deformity undergoes progressive correction with the release of medial ligaments. The model responds to the sequential release of ligaments just as a normal knee would.

Customizable to Your Training Needs

We can create a custom KneeSTUD™ that mimics the operative environment best suited for your training goals.

Synthetic Bone Architecture

The synthetic bone of a STUD is made with a corticocancellous architecture that mimics human bone. This architecture provides excellent radiographic anatomy and permits the use of injectable bone cements.

Biomechanical Performance of Synthetic Bone

The synthetic bone of a STUD provides high-fidelity biomechanical performance for bone resection and hardware fixation. Specify the bone mineral density, and we will provide a model with analogous bony biomechanical performance. See our publications section for more information.

Shop KneeSTUD Models in our Catalog

Explore our ever growing Orthopedic STUD lines, and choose a model to best suits your training needs. Don’t see a model you like? No worries, contact us to discuss a custom model based off a patient CT scan!

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