What is a ShoulderSTUD™?

Introducing Shoulder Surgical Training and Utility Devices



Technological Highlights

Movement and Function of Shoulder

ShoulderSTUD exhibits an excellent range of motion similar to cadaveric specimens allowing its user to rotate the arm with ease while also offering the necessary laxity to invert and avert the joint to assist with the procedure.

Ligaments and Muscles

ShoulderSTUD features custom synthetic muscles, ligaments, and tendons that provide a realistic platform for dissection, retraction, cutting, and repairing soft tissue components during arthroplastic procedures.

What types of deformity or anatomy do we offer?

ShoulderSTUD currently offers a normal anatomy but will be offering a number of deformities in the near future such as a 4-part fracture model and B2 glenoid deformity. As with all of our other models if you send in a CT we can make a patient specific model that mimics the exact anatomy.

What procedures can be done with our product?

The synthetic bone of a STUD is made with a corticocancellous architecture that mimics human bone. This architecture provides excellent radiographic anatomy and permits the use of injectable bone cements.

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