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Model Price

$360.00 Introductory pricing

Product Description

The bunion model provides a superior platform for training a host of bunion deformity corrective procedures. The 3d printed bony structure has cortical and cancellous regions of bone for high biomechanical and tactile fidelity. The base model has articulated TMT and MTP joints with capsular structures and an ankle joint which can dorsiflex and plantarflex. The MTP capsule has sesamoids, sesamoid ligaments, FHB tendon, and FHB muscle attached. Various add-ons can be included to simulate every step of a bunion procedure.

This model can walk trainees through approach, capsulotomies, bony resections, lateral releases, guide placement, imaging, and more.

This model has an intermetatarsal angle of 17 degrees, plantar plane deformity of 15 degrees, and subluxed sesamoids.

The hammer toe add-on makes the 2nd MTP and PIP joints articulating with simple collateral ligaments. This add-on can also be applied to the 3rd and 4th toes by request.

None Light $0.00 Medium $0.00 Dark $0.00

Other Requests

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.