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Product Description

This model interfaces with the SurgiSTUD Ankle stand to provide a platform for training total ankle arthroplasty and other ankle procedures. The skin and radiolucent soft tissues allow for realistic surgical approach and radiographic evaluation. The collateral ligamentous structures replicate the tension of a human ankle specimen and cortical, cancellous, and intramedullary regions of bone react realistically to cutting, reaming, rasping, and drilling with high biomechanical and tactile fidelity.

This platform can be expanded to include distal structures to train various procedures in a single model.

The comprehensive ankle model includes the following: tibia, fibula, talus, and other foot bones (fused); superficial and deep deltoid ligaments, ATFL, PTFL, CFL, and anterior/posterior tibiofibular ligaments; ankle capsule and simplified subtalar capsule; Superior and inferior extensor retinaculum; tibialis anterior, EHL, and EDL muscles and tendons; and radiolucent soft tissue with skin. Every ankle comes with a default fused 15degree plantar plane deformity.

These selections are for articulating toes and other foot soft tissues.

None Light $0.00 Medium $0.00 Dark $0.00

We can customize your model to meet your needs. Customizations can include cortical thickness, cancellous density, intramedullary canal diameter, and more. Please include your customizations below.

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.