Models are built-to-order, with orders of 6 or less models ready in 1-2 weeks, and 10-20 models 3-4 weeks. For bulk orders of 20+ please contact us for estimate lead times.

Contact us for more information or for large or rush orders.

Please note, we have been experiencing shipping delays on international orders.


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Left Ilium, Sacrum, Proximal Femur

Labrum, Synovial Capsule, Femoral Artery

Glutes, Quads, Adductor Longus/Pectineus, External Rotators, Piriformis, Psoas, TFL, Sartorius


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Comprehensive Hip – Uncast

Depending on which approach you would like to perform, the appropriate sacrum component will be attached to the model to work with the stand.

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.