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Models are built-to-order, with orders of 6 or less models ready in 2-3 weeks, and 10-20 models 3-4 weeks. For bulk orders of 20+ please contact us for estimate lead times.

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Femur, Tibia, Fibula, Patella


Fibular orb, medial meniscus, lateral meniscus

Capsule, medial/lateral retinaculum, VMO, popliteus

Skin and soft tissue

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Product Description

This model includes all ligaments, patella/Quads tendon w/ITB, posterior capsule and retinaculum, menisci, popliteus, quad muscles/vastus all cast within a skin and soft tissue envelope to create a realistic surgical environment.

The 3d printed bony anatomy includes femur, tibia, and fibula with cortical, cancellous, and intramedullary canal regions of bone for high biomechanical and tactile fidelity plus ligamentous, muscular, and capsular structures to train soft tissue balancing.

Choose a model from our catalog of knee pathologies.

AMOA Knee - 5 Degree Varus Deformity $0.00 Varus Knee - 10 Degree Deformity $0.00 Normal Knee $0.00 Patient Specific +$75.00
None Light $0.00 Medium $0.00 Dark $0.00

Our team can add a layer of fabric into the skin of the cast where the incisions are most commonly made to help support the skin at the incision so that they do not elongate as easily without manually incising further.

We can customize your model to meet your needs. Customizations can include cortical thickness, cancellous density, intramedullary canal diameter, and more. Please include your customizations below.

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.