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3 Humerus Bone Blocks


Model Price


Product Description

This bundle includes 3 humerus bone blocks designed with an ergonomic block for clamping in a vise for ease of instrumentation of the humeral head and neck.

Humerus bone blocks create a reliable platform for training neck cuts, reaming, broaching, and implantation.

We offer humerus with no deformity, as well as humerus from a joint with a B2 or C2 glenoid deformity. We also have a 3-part fracture humerus from our trauma line. Choose the humerus you would like to receive in the bundle.

Normal $0.00 B2 $0.00 C2 $0.00 3-Part Fracture Humerus +$50.00

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.