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Models are built-to-order, with orders of 6 or less models ready in 2-3 weeks, and 10-20 models 3-4 weeks. For bulk orders of 20+ please contact us for estimate lead times.

Contact us for more information or for large or rush orders.

Please note, we have been experiencing shipping delays on international orders.


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Product Description

SurgiSTUD’s humerus long bone features cortical, cancellous, and intramedullary regions of bone created using our patented technology for 3d printed bony architecture.

Humerus dimensions:
345mm inferior to superior
10-11mm diameter IM canal
55mm diameter humeral head

We offer humerus from normal, B2, and C2 patients, as well as a patient with a 3-Part Proximal Fracture. Choose the humerus you would like to receive.

Normal $0.00 B2 $0.00 C2 $0.00 3-Part Fracture +$50.00

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.