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Sacrum, left ilium, labrum and proximal femur

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Product Description

This model can interface with SurgiSTUD’s Hip Stand to provide a platform for total hip arthroplasty surgical training. The 3d printed bony anatomy has cortical, cancellous, and intramedullary canal regions of bone for high biomechanical and tactile fidelity. This model can be outfitted with a wide range of soft tissues to enhance the surgical approach and feel.

This model can walk trainees through the entire total hip arthroplasty procedure: exposure, retraction, bony resection, reaming, broaching, and implantation.

Available anatomical features:
External Rotators (Gemelli and Obturators)
TFL (with fascia)
Adductor Longus and Pectineus
Femoral artery
Femoral nerve
Skin and radiolucent soft tissue

Depending on which approach you would like to perform, the appropriate sacrum component will be attached to the model to work with the stand.

None Light $0.00 Medium $0.00 Dark $0.00

We can customize your model to meet your needs. Customizations can include cortical thickness, cancellous density, intramedullary canal diameter, and more. Please include your customizations below.

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.