Models are built-to-order, with orders of 6 or less models ready in 2-3 weeks, and 10-20 models 3-4 weeks. For bulk orders of 20+ please contact us for estimate lead times.

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Our engineers can create patient specific models from patient CT scans. Simply send us your scan through our HIPAA compliant image sharing system and we’ll design a model with any anatomies you need! With our powerful 3d-printing and modelling technologies we can create models in a matter of days.

These models can interface with Surgistud’s Knee Model Base to provide a platform for knee arthroplasty surgical training. The lateral ligamentous, muscular, and capsular structures allow for sequential correction of angular deformities. The 3d printed bony anatomy has cortical, cancellous, and intramedullary canal regions of bone for high biomechanical and tactile fidelity.

This model can walk trainees through the entire total knee arthroplasty procedure: exposure, bony resection, soft tissue balancing, instrumentation, and closing.

Available anatomical features:

Lateral and Medial Menisci
Patellar and quadriceps tendons
Posteromedial/posterolateral capsules
Iliotibial Band
Popliteus Muscle and tendon

Please note that boney material on this model has been biomechanically tested and has been approved by our consulting surgeons for haptic and tactile feel.

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.