Models are built-to-order, with orders of 6 or less models ready in 2-3 weeks, and 10-20 models 3-4 weeks. For bulk orders of 20+ please contact us for estimate lead times.

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Model Price

$2,650.00 Introductory pricing

Included in the Trauma Bundle

This model includes three different types of trauma:
1. Jumped facet and locked facet joint
2. Burst fracture at T12
3. Pars fracture
Each model uses biomechanically tested materials and processes, and can be used to demonstrate complex surgical intervention for spine trauma.

Included in the bundle is a full spine Occiput to Pelvis with skull, full body cast in radiolucent soft tissue, cervical and lumbar nerve roots, vertebral arteries and ligamentum flavum.

Included with this bundle is the trauma case study along with a copy of the CT scan.

None Light $0.00 Medium $0.00 Dark $0.00

We can customize your model to meet your needs. Customizations can include fill density, bone material, interdiscal filling, etc. Please include your customizations below.

We can supply models for single trainings or large educational groups.