Revolutionizing Surgical Education

SpineSTUD™ training models are biofidelic training platforms of real human pathology. By providing a superior training platform at significant cost-savings over cadavers, we hope to improve surgical training quality and access on a global scale.

Technological Highlights

Synthetic Bone Architecture

The synthetic bone of a STUD is made with a corticocancellous architecture that mimics human bone. This architecture provides excellent radiographic anatomy and permits the use of injectable bone cements.

High-Fidelity Segmental Range Of Motion

The intervertebral discs and supportive ligaments provide a highly analogous and modifiable segmental range of motion for normal and pathological spine anatomies.

Realistic Response To Surgical Maneuvers

A STUD with cervical kyphosis undergoes progressive osteotomies to restore normal lordosis. Notice how increasingly extensive osteotomies result in greater restoration of cervical lordosis.

Customizable to Your Training Needs

We can create a custom Spine STUD™ that mimics the operative environment best suited for your training goals.

Biomechanical Performance Of Synthetic Bone

The synthetic bone of a STUD provides high-fidelity biomechanical performance for pedicle screws and other spinal fixation devices. Specify the bone mineral density, and we will provide a model with analogous bony biomechanical performance. See our publications section for more information.

Enhance Your STUD with Add-Ons

Add any number of these features to your STUD to create the perfect platform to meet your educational, development, or research needs.

Create realistic surgical exposures and haptic feedback during instrumentation without sacrificing radiographic anatomy.

Add a dural tube to your STUD that is filled with pressurized “spinal fluid” to enhance the operative experience for laminectomies, pedicle screw insertion, osteotomies, and inter-body fusions.

The ligamentum flavum, facet capsules, interspinous ligaments, and supraspinous ligaments can be added to enhance simulation of laminectomies and posterior column osteotomies.

Add major blood vessels filled with pressurized red fluid to your model for an enhanced surgical training experience.

Additional Add-Ons

  • Full Pelvis
  • Rib Cage
  • Lateral Approach
  • Bleeding Bone
  • Nucleus Pulposus
  • Lungs

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